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Challenges Faced by Immigrants

Many people migrating and relocating in a new country has often been a challenge. Regardless of the persons settling into the new country there are common problems that are faced especially by the immigrants as they try to settle. The immigrants are faced with a challenges that they cannot avoid as the immigrants have a problem with the language that is common with the other citizens thus making it a problem for them to converse with the other citizens.

Having low educational qualifications on their side makes it a hindrance for the immigrants as they can be at a better position to learn and understand the new country language as a fast rate. Employement from the immigrants is often challenged by the low academic qualifications that many have hence the immigrants miss on the desired posts that they have yearned to work in.

Lack of proper housing has been a concern that immigrants have been seen suffering from. Immigrants takes time before adapting to the housing market operation and how they are hence making the immigrants to start living in shanties which as time passes ends up with the immigrants being pushed to poor neighborhood in the country. A great variety of services are available in the country that the immigrants have gone to but end up getting nothing but poor services as the services cannot be provided to the as their access is restricted. The little documents that the immigrants posses do not allow the individuals to access health care, social services and legal advice making it worse for the immigrants if the immigrants are not legally allowed in the country. Cultural differences affects the immigrants in a great way, they may not be able to adopt to the new country trends fast which results to them feeling outcasts for a while. At times the new country cultures are in conflict with the immigrant’s culture, this result to the immigrants not fully integrating with the new community.

Racism is a big immigration issue, this is evident when issuing out of job posts, often the immigrants who seem to be closely related with the new country citizens given priority as opposed to the immigrants whose physical attributes are not close to the new nation’s citizens. From the deep research done on immigrants and issues challenging them, it has been noted that many of the immigrants have their visas revoked by the new government making it to be a growing threat. Immigration has no longer been a humanitarian issue but has changed into a political issue which has led to the politicians to make policies that lean on their favor making the whole immigrant community to suffer.

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